Online Dermatology Telemedicine Appointments

Consult with a dermatology provider via live video telemedicine from home

Learn why Mandel Dermatology is the best Teledermatology option

About Telemedicine from Mandel Dermatology

Telemedicine is available for new and existing patients of Mandel Dermatology in New York

As the need for more on-demand services rises, Mandel Dermatology is proud to offer Teledermatology or dermatology telemedicine via Live Video. 

To book a telemedicine visit, simply book online, choose to use your insurance or pay a flat visit fee of $75 (normally $150-$250), and then connect with your provider at the time of your visit.*

Telemedicine for dermatology visits are perfect for virtually all medical conditions and visits with the exception of full-body skin exams.

*If using insurance, patients are responsible for paying any co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible 

How Telemedicine for Dermatology Works

See a Dermatologist online without leaving your home and get diagnoses, prescriptions, and more

Book Your Appointment Online

Book an appointment online and choose to use your insurance, or pay a flat visit fee of $75 (normally $150-$250) via PayPal right when you complete the online booking.

Get Your Appointment Link

Check your email for the unique link that will be used to connect with your provider at your appointment time. No apps or downloads are required to connect at the time of your appointment.


Connect with your Provider

Using the Appointment link that is emailed to you, connect at the time of your appointment from a device that has a camera.

Why we’re the best option for Dermatology Telemedicine (Teledermatology)

The Telehealth option that puts patients first and is affordable, convenient, and full-service 


Flat Fee or Insurance Covers it All*

  • Pay a flat fee of $75 per visit (normally $150-$250) or choose to use your insurance. 
  • Covers any number of conditions or complaints you’d like addresses

*If using the flat-fee option, keep in mind that prescriptions may have a cost, but we can run them through your health insurance.

*If using insurance, patients are responsible for paying any co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.


Get the Prescriptions You Need

  • Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy electronically as soon as your visit is complete (if needed)
  • Prescriptions can be run through your insurance regardless of payment method (flat-fee or insurance)

Continue Access to Your Provider

  • At Mandel Dermatology, patient access is of the utmost importance to us, meaning you don’t lose access after your live video visit is over
  • Your provider will give you their email and phone number for continued contact as needed!